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2018 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

The seasons are changing and the new year is quickly approaching. Our 2017 brides are becoming less and less. 2018 brides are on the loose here at Bridals by Lori. Visions of our bride’s wedding days are changing. The majority of our Brides are taking more of an intimate tone. Instead of the “Cinderella Fairytale” style we have grown accustomed to, 2018 is shaping up to take on a more dreamlike aesthetic. Social media has taken over the wedding market and brides make sure that every detail is Instagram worthy.

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Pinterest Worthy Tablescapes

During the wedding reception, guests are treated to great food, cocktails and dancing. The modern bride has moved away from a simple centerpieces and moved on to something more elaborate. Using elegant metals paired with vibrant greenery has become extremely popular. Millennials especially, are gravitating towards copper and antique golds to pop against their dinnerware as opposed to gold and silver. Flowers and other natural elements are scattered across the table in unique displays that create a beautiful ambiance for the occasion.

Unique Bouquets

2018 will be the year of bold floral arrangements. Larger bloomed flowers such as Peonies, Hydrangeas, and Ranunculus are becoming staples in bridal bouquets due to their grand size and vibrant tones. They take up lots of negative space therefore not costing as much. You can create a big and bold concept without breaking the bank. Brides are taking more of an ethereal tone and using Succulents and cascading greenery really make their flowers pop.

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Pretty In Pink

2018 brides are moving away from the timeless white vision of bridal gowns. Ivory has become the new bridal standard. However, Brides are going steps further into champagnes and pastels to do a spin on tradition. Still holding onto elegant lace and classic necklines, blush tones still provide the fairy tale that women hope for that can still please the other generations at the wedding. A unique colored gown leaves room for more possibilities for the bridal party’s color palette. A bride in a beautiful blush pink can really stand out against bridesmaids in a lighter color such as ivory. This role reversal is no longer seen has a huge wedding taboo.

An Intimate Affair

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Engaged couples are putting emphasis on quality over quantity when it comes to their wedding guest. In recent years, more couples have been paying for their own weddings without assistance. The budget is a little tighter and one of the biggest money pits will be the food. Cutting down the guest list to people that have been an active part in your life no matter time and distance should be the ones to make the cut. The biggest problems couples face in the planning process is the guest list bloat. Instead of feeling pressured to invite family members that they have not seen or heard from in years, keep in mind that this is a celebration of the couple.Potential guests that have nothing to do with the couple are now put on the back burner. It is a HUGE money saver.

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