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Ok Brides, 

I get a lot of questions from y’all on how to get “Jacked up” for your wedding day. So here are a few pointers you guys can take with you and use for the big day. Let’s get started:

1. Earrings- You must be careful when it comes to your jewelry. A headpiece that’s too gaudy or the wrong earrings can throw your WHOLE LOOK OFF. The key is to be dainty and choose the right pieces for the right time. Traditionally, brides should go formal for the ceremony and informal for the reception. Choose a more delicate pair of pearls studs for the ceremony and change out to a fun, more casual chandelier pair during the reception. The ceremony is rather structured, while the reception is informal and you want your look to match both.

2.  Veils– It can be hard choosing a veil that’s just right for your dress. I love veils! I think they’re elegant and add a classic traditional factor to your wedding look. Often, brides tend to get stuck with questions like, ” Should I choose a long veil or a short one?” ….Short veils are designed to wrap around you and accentuate your face or features. Long veils are made to blow in the wind or drape. Consider your hairstyle when choosing the veil and be sure to do hair trials with your stylist! This is very important!!

3. Shoes– Brides…… There is a formula when choosing the right bridal shoes: Beauty + Comfort = Success! Know your limits! You will be on your feet for the entire ceremony, during pictures, and greeting guests. Be sure you can walk  and balance properly in your shoes! The too-high stiletto can be disastrous. Instead, take some factors into account, such as your venue. If your wedding is outside, choose a nice bridal wedge. Your heel won’t sink into the ground and a wedge is easier to maneuver on rough or unpredictable surfaces. If your wedding is inside, a stiletto or soft heel is fine, just be sure to practice or break them in before the big day. Practice makes perfect!!

4. Makeup– Typically makeup depends on a variety of factors: skin tone, the season, the time of day, and the theme of your wedding. However, there are a few universal things to consider. Summer brides need to lighten up!! –Choose a brown liner, instead of black. Because most brides do wear white or ivory, choose some color so you don’t appear washed out in your photos. Be careful not to get anything on your gown! Be sure to use natural light when applying makeup and waterproof is normally the best way to go. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen! — Especially, you Southern brides. Those sunburns are no joke!

5. Necklaces– This category is usually optional depending on your dress style. It’s important to consider your neckline when choosing a necklace. High-neck line dresses can typically do without a necklace. Remember, you are the focus–so too many jewelry pieces is a NO! A sweetheart or low-cut neckline are better for necklaces. You can choose between a nice pendant or simple strand of pearls that will accentuate the dress. Be sure to coordinate with your earrings. These pieces should work together in your favor.

So there you have it brides! And remember to have fun with your accessories. You know the saying, “Something old, something new..something borrowed, something blue.” This is the time for that. You can wear sentimental pieces, such as your mother’s veil or grandmother’s pearls. Brides will even choose blue shoes or garters. Get creative with your vision. Now get out there and make me proud!!

-Monte xo

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  1. Monte, you’re awesome.
    You are so helpful and kind. I can really relate to you on the show.
    I am an Aussie living in England with my English partner.
    I am a very young 56 and he’s a younger 49. We met on facebook through mutual friends. (End of life story, lol)
    Anyway it looks like he might be getting relocated to Houston, with work.
    If that’s the case we will be getting married there.
    We would both love to get my gown at BBC. I have a Lazaro in mind.
    It’s in my bridal dream for you to”‘Jack me up” lol.
    I loved your tips.
    Carter and Debbie Lee xox

  2. Any ideas for “jacking up” a mother of the bride? Dress is silver, long with a jacket. M.O.B. is almost 60 with a figure that’s loved food for 34 years of marriage. Wedding is in San Diego in July….evening wedding, semi formal…

  3. Help! I am 45 MOB I don’t want to look too old or too young . What style dress and color would you recommend for fall wedding?

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