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Tales of a bbl bride: Alix Faulhaber

My name is Alix Faulhaber. I’m a working Performer, Director, and Opera Singer. My fiancé Norval is the owner of NorvalSound Studio. Our wedding is on April 20th, 2018. I didn’t realize until it was too late, but we met when I was 9 years old and he was 14. That day, I had gotten a new Hawaiian Barbie. After playing elsewhere, I returned to my room to find Norval in my sister’s dress and a wig, clutching my brand new barbie in his fists. He twisted her torso in half and dashed her to the ground. I surveyed the wreckage around me. He had destroyed ALL of my Barbies! I swore that day that I would exact revenge. Seemingly, it’s an odd revenge to fall in love. But now I get to pick on him about it for eternity!

We ran into one another periodically over the coming years. He was the frontman of a much-loved local punk band called “The Scams”. With our mutual friends, I’d go to their shows and mock them from the back (to conceal my crush on then “Billy Scam”). In ’98, I moved to England and we lived different lives. Years later, we met again in Chicago where we were both working on an independent film. I was the Acting Coach, he was the Star. Soon, we were staying up all night courting, watching movies and laughing together. It was at the end of our street that we had our first kiss. That was 16 years ago. For our first five anniversaries, Norval got me Barbies.

Our wedding is a music festival we call Love Fest. Held at the State Theatre in downtown St. Petersburg, Love Fest is a day-long event with awesome local bands, food trucks, an ice cream sundae bar, a merch booth, favors, games, and custom coloring books. The ceremony will take place between sets, then later, Norval and I will hit the stage! We figure if our loved ones are coming from different states and countries, we owe them a great show! In lieu of a bridal party, we’ll have VIPs with personalized lanyards. In a nod to Dalí, we’re aiming for a Surrealist Art Party feel. A glamorous yet, edgy affair where the area’s artists, thinkers, and freaks will come together to cavort and canoodle. They say “Your wedding is the greatest night of your life”. I’m lucky to have had a LOT of great nights. So, when I thought about what my “greatest night” would be, it was singing Queen with Norval and all of my friends in a magnificent world of art and love.

Sadly, my father will not be at the wedding. After an intense battle with cancer, my Dad, Fritz Faulhaber died in February of this year. He was a wickedly funny, brilliant man who loved to eat chocolate, drink beer, laugh and sing. He would have adored my extraordinary dress. When I close my eyes and listen, I can hear him say, “I am immensely proud of you.”

I am a Say Yes to the Dress fan. It’s hypnotic! My Mom got the idea to come [to Bridals by Lori] when we decided it was time to find a dress. I had a specific vision: Lavender gown with a lace nude illusion top, ¾ sleeves, deep V, and a flowy Georgette skirt with a high slit. At Bridals by Lori, my consultant was Maureen. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, and sweet. She handled plus-size considerations with professionalism. I was made to feel very comfortable, and thus I looked and felt fabulous. Also, she found The One. So, Maureen is my hero!

When I tried on my first dress, I cracked up. I affectionately refer to my shape as a “tater on twigs”. I lack hips and a booty. However, my legs are shapely and the “ladies” are lovely. I just happen to lack some womanly curve in between. My first dress was fitted past the hip and it made me look like a sexy potato. A very sexy potato. Still, I was keen to try on dresses I wouldn’t necessarily pick. Due to that, I ended up liking something way different than I had anticipated! What fun! I was a little apprehensive to say Yes because I had flown to Atlanta that morning and had several appointments lined up. Though the gown was incomparable, I felt I had to do my due diligence and try a few more. But it was tragic. Now that I found my dress, no other even exists. I’m fortunate to have worn many stunning gowns on stage. I tried other wedding dresses and just thought “yup, that’s a wedding dress.” But mine? Mine is something altogether different. It’s another species. My mom cried; which is a feat! I didn’t want to take it off. On the hanger, it was lovely but on me? It’s alive. When I looked at myself in it, I could see the whole night around me. It definitely looked like the greatest night of my life.

Since I got “her”, I looked her up online and I am amazed to see that she looks better on me than on the models. I finally understand that you can conceive of a style but it’s about what the garment does on YOUR particular, spectacular body. It’s not a moral failing that your body is shaped differently from someone else. It’s a gift! When I tried my dress on, it was about 12 sizes too small and still looked amazing! I am still surprised at how different the gown is from what I was planning, but she is perfection.

As I wait for my gown to come in, I’m focusing on my brother’s October wedding. For now, I’m peaceful: I have my man and the dress. Everything is going to be amazing.

Stay tuned for more with Alix as we follow her on her Bridals By Lori Journey! She brought such joy to the store with her presence that we absolutely had to share her with our audience!

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