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Dominique & Kris

Natural Beauty: Dominique & Kristofer

For her April 22, 2017, wedding to Kristofer Wright, Dominique Wright, formerly Rowe, knew exactly where she wanted the event to take place: The Lexington Center in the couple’s hometown of Lexington, Ky. “The floor-to-ceiling windows allowed for a breathtaking view of Triangle Park,” Dominique said. “This allowed us all to feel like we were outside while still having the comforts of the indoors.”

Dominique & Kris Dominique also liked the layout of the venue, which was circular rather than a more traditional square or rectangle venue layout. “I had the seating placed theatre-style in semicircles,” she said. “I felt this gave my wedding a different look where I could combine the openness of the high ceilings with the comfort of the overall shape. This allowed everyone to see everything clearly.”

She also fell in love with the natural lighting available throughout the space. “The natural light would allow everything to sparkle,” Dominique said. “I wanted the natural spring light to shine through and shine on us all. I wanted everyone to feel like royalty that day. God truly brought out the sun just in time for the ceremony, and the entire room lit up beautifully.”

The venue wasn’t the only aspect of the wedding to sparkle and shine. Dominique did the same in her Eve of Milady wedding dress. “ I wanted a dress that complimented me but wasn’t overwhelming,” she says. “I wanted to feel beautiful while still ‘turning heads.’”

When it was time to go dress shopping, she headed to Bridals by Lori. “I loved watching the show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and ‘Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta,’ and the staff seemed like family,” Dominique said. “I figured, ‘I’m not that far away, and Atlanta is like a second home so why not?’”

At her appointment, Dominique and her consultant, Melissa, started searching for dresses. Dominique wasn’t expecting to walk away with a dress given this was the first store she visited. She tried on about seven dresses before finding “the one.”

“I had not seen this dress style on anyone before, and I loved that it had so many hidden details,” Dominique said. “The shear midsection gave me the touch of sexiness I wanted. The fit accentuated my frame, and the low back allowed for just a little extra ‘it’ factor. The train length added a regal touch. When I walked down the runway at the store, I felt the prettiest I’ve ever felt. To me, the dress combined all that I wanted in various dress styles in one dress.”

Dominique & Kris Given Kristofer’s reaction when she walked down the aisle, Dominique made a good choice. He smiled bigger than she had ever seen him smile before, she said. Of course, this wasn’t the only time she surprised her husband during their wedding. “The funniest moment for me was seeing my husband’s face during my surprise dance performance for him during the reception,” Dominique said. “My bridesmaids and I danced to ‘Giving Him Something He Can Feel’ by En Vogue.”

Though the day has now passed, the most important aspect of their wedding remains with Dominique. “The one thing that stands out most to me is joining hands, as one, under God with the man of my dreams–a man who has stood by me through some of the biggest moments of my life,” she said. “He’s been my best friend, and now he’s my forever best friend. I wish I could relive that moment over and over again.”

In the details

Dress: Eve of Milady

Groom’s tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Maid of honor dress: Bari Jay

Florist: Bel Air Florist

Wedding cake: Tinker’s Cake Shop

Photography: UnVeiled Studio

Bride’s hair: Anetra Polk, Studio A Beauty Bar

Bride’s makeup: Alicia Williams, Pose Artistry

Location: The Lexington Center, Lexington, Ky.


Big Fat Greek Wedding

A Big Fat Greek Wedding Celebration

When Maria Bisbikis Marros started planning her June 12, 2016, wedding to Konstantinos Marros in Charlotte, N.C., she knew exactly what she wanted. “My husband and I are both Greek, and we wanted the traditional church wedding and Big Fat Greek reception,” Maria said. “We chose to have the reception in our church’s reception venue because it was a blank slate that we could make into our own.” The couple went on to do exactly that.

Big Fat Greek Wedding When choosing her floral arrangements, Maria wanted a very romantic and royal look, so she worked with local florist Roula Economos to achieve the look she wanted. “I had large fluffy pink peonies in gold birdcages on some table arrangements,” Maria said. “There were also hydrangeas and ranunculus mixed in bouquets and arrangements. Every table as well as the bar area was filled with moss and greenery throughout.” Deep and bright shades of red and pink roses also were prevalent.

Speaking of the bar area, Maria was thrilled with how amazing the bar setup turned out. “I had a custom-made moss wall, compliments of my florist, with ornate gold mirrors and frames hanging on it,” she said. “My bar was a 20-foot-long farm table sitting on vintage wine barrels. I had an open structure built around the bar that had lanterns, chandeliers, greenery and crystal beads hanging down. I wanted guests to feel like they were walking into a chic, ‘outdoor’ bar. It was something that I had designed, and it was so exciting to execute it and see it come to life.”

Big Fat Greek WeddingThe wedding cake was another highlight of the wedding reception. Crafted by Lisa Toohey of Cake Expressions by Lisa, the cake featured eight tiers of various flavors that included almond with Nutella filling, lemon cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with salted caramel filling, and red velvet with cream cheese filling. The exterior was equally varied with an ombre design. “The bottom tier was ivory with lace, and each tier got darker in color, changing from ivory to pink to bright red at the top,” Maria said. “The whole cake was adorned with very lavish gold accents, and the top layer was designed to look like a small birdcage. My wedding cake was so enchanting.”

Big Fat Greek WeddingHowever, the wedding cake was not the only enchanting feature at the wedding. Maria also created an enchanting look for herself. A fan of “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta,” she headed to Bridals by Lori in Atlanta with her mother and sisters, where they set out to find the perfect dress. Working with sales consultants Flori and Lawrencia, Maria wasted no time seeking out her dream dress: a Rivini dress named “Angelique.” She first spotted the dress in a magazine, then again online, and loved how it combined two 2015 trends: skirts with volume and illusion. “I wanted a dress that looked regal, romantic and enchanting,” Maria said.

As soon as Maria arrived for her appointment at Bridals by Lori, she asked if the dress was available. “It was the very first dress I tried on,” Maria said. “Instant tears! The intricate beading, the whimsical skirt and the gorgeous back design really had me smiling from ear to ear.” She immediately fell in love with the illusion at the neckline, the beading that appeared to float on her skin, and the tulip sleeves. “The dress was so easy to move around in, and I could visualize dancing in it all night,” Maria said.

Maria also loved that Rita Vinieris, the designer of Rivini and the daughter of Greek immigrants, shared a Greek background with Maria and Konstantinos. “I am a first generation Greek-American, and I loved the idea of walking down the aisle in my Orthodox cathedral wearing a designer who is also of Greek origin,” Maria said. “Everything about the dress just clicked. I truly felt like it was designed for me!”

Big Fat Greek Wedding Her husband certainly approved of Maria’s choice, and said his favorite wedding memory was when the cathedral doors opened to reveal Maria standing in her wedding dress just before she walked down the aisle. “The sun was beaming on her, and her dress was sparkling,” Konstantinos said. “In that moment, I forgot everyone was watching and just enjoyed listening to the music, watching my forever angel walk toward me.”

From start to finish, Maria and Konstantinos loved every minute of their Big Fat Greek wedding and reception, and couldn’t be more pleased with how the event turned out. “Our head table was in front of the entertainment stage looking out over 60 tables filled with friends and family that were there to share in the joy of our marriage,” Maria said. “There is something special about being in your wedding dress, sitting next to the love of your life, and taking in the sights around you. All the hard work and stress leading up to the actual day just disappeared. It was immediately apparent to me that everything I imagined and hoped my wedding would be like was staring me in the face. It was such an extraordinary feeling.”

In the Details

Dress: Rivini by Rita Vinieris

Crown: Maria Elena Headpieces

Veil: Custom 14-foot veil by Blossom Veils

Groom’s tuxedo: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Sung

Florist: Roula Economos

Wedding Cake: Cake Expressions by Lisa

Photography: Critsey Rowe Photography

Location: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Charlotte, N.C.

tuxedo FAQs

Tuxedo FAQs

Brides conduct all types of research when it comes to shopping for their wedding dress. But how much time is devoted to finding the right tuxedo for their grooms? Admittedly, not much, right? After all, he just has to show up for wedding. Actually, grooms should take some time to consider what they want to wear (it’s their big day, too!). They might be surprised to learn they will have some questions regarding their own attire as well as that of their wedding party. Therefore, to help grooms get started on their own formalwear journey to their wedding, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we hear at black tie BY LORI.

tuxedo FAQsHow long before my wedding should I register the men’s attire?

Make sure you allow enough time for your groomsmen to be measured and to submit those measurements with the order. Ordering within three weeks of your wedding will incur rush fees and risk the chance that the styles you want are not available.

My wedding is in Atlanta, but my groomsmen are out of town. How will they place their order?

We have an easy out-of-town order form on our website at black tie BY LORI where your groomsmen can place their rental order. We also offer online tuxedo rentals at

I have children in my wedding. Do you have small sizes for ring bearers? How much do they cost?

Our rentals start at size 2T, plus we offer children’s sizes for sale with prices starting at $79.

I like the Slim Fit tuxedo, but not all of my groomsmen are slender. How will that look?

It will look great because the coats are made proportionately for larger guys so you can get the same look for all of your guys.

Some of my groomsmen have their own tuxedos. Can they just rent accessories?

Yes, they can, but we strongly recommend you have your wedding party rent the same tuxedo to ensure a cohesive look at your wedding.

Tuxedo FAQsDo you have the color vest and tie to match the bridesmaid dresses?

Yes, we have more than 200 color combinations with 42 colors online. However, we suggest neutral accessories that coordinate with the color you have chosen. Sometimes a pocket square or boutonnière is all that is needed for that subtle pop of color.

Of course, these are just a few of the questions we answer every day. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 404.252.8767, ext. 210. We want to make you look and feel as good as your bride!



Counterfeit wedding dresses

Shopping Online: Steal or Scam?

Planning a wedding requires a healthy budget. There are numerous expenses including the venue, catering, flowers, music and so on. Not the least of which is the wedding dress. In fact, for most brides, the No. 1 item on her budget is the wedding dress. After all, she has dreamed of this day all of her life, and she wants to walk down the aisle in the dress of those dreams.

However, sometimes it proves difficult to find that dream dress in the price range that meets the bride’s budget. So when she comes across that dress on an online wedding dress site for a very reasonable cost, she can’t help but jump at the deal. Unfortunately, more often than not, when that dream dress arrives, it turns out to be quite the nightmare.

In fact, the purchased dress doesn’t even come close to resembling the designer dress advertised online. Investigations by Good Morning America and Inside Edition show just how prevalent – and damaging to the bridal industry – these fake wedding dresses can be. For instance, in the “Inside Edition” investigation, bride Candace Burch thought she ordered a $4,000 Justin Alexander wedding gown for just $300 from

Counterfeit wedding dresses

The dress from the online retailer (left) is vastly different from the designer gown advertised on the site.

However, the dress she received looked nothing like the original dress. Instead of elaborate hand beading on the bodice, the dress featured plastic silver sequins. Plus, the gown material was cheap and thin, and felt like “a white trash bag,” according to Burch. When contacted, these online sellers either ignore the customer’s inquiry or flat-out refuse to return the purchase price to the bride.

To combat these scams, the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association sued a number of online retailers that were allegedly selling counterfeit dress. A judge sided with the industry and ordered more than 1,000 sites to cease all sales and to shut down. FYI, when you go to, it now goes to, an online retail site based in China that also sells wedding dresses.

Eve of Milady

The best way to make sure you get the dress you want is to shop at an authorized bridal retailer.

This is why it’s SO important to shop for your wedding dress at a brick-and-mortar store. Seeing the dress firsthand, trying it on for friends and family, and having an actual salesperson to speak with provides not only reassurance that this dress is the dress, but also peace of mind that you will get what you pay for.

Plus, savvy shoppers can still find good deals when it comes to shopping for their wedding dresses at brick-and-mortar retailers. For instance, many wedding boutiques offer special savings for dress purchases during a designer trunk show. Others offer discounted or even free accessories with a gown purchase. Talk with sales consultants to see what incentives they can offer before closing the sale.

Although it may be cliché, when it comes to purchasing wedding dresses online, if the deal looks too good, it probably is not true. Think twice before hitting “send” on that payment button.