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Hayley Paige Occasions Trunk Show


Join us for the Hayley Paige (formerly Jim Helm Occasions) trrunkshow this weekend, January 8th-10th. We will be introducing the Spring 2016 collection. Allow our consultants to help you mix and match a variety of styles that will complete your dream wedding look! No appointments necessary; walk-ins are encouraged. This weekend only! Don’t miss out!

Here’s a glance at the Spring 2016 collection look book:


For a more in-depth look, please visit the JLM couture website:


Mother of the Bride/Groom Blowout Sale

Bridals by Lori is hosting a blowout sale for Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom all September! This sale offers some the most exclusive special occasion gowns, including designers: Montage by Mon Cheri, Vm by Mori Lee, Jovani, Ivonne D, Kay Unger and many more. Check out the gallery for a look at some of the samples offered here in the store. For further details, call or stop by the Bridesmaids Department. 404.252.8767 Ext. 192



Mother of the Bride-Designers- Bridals by Lori


Mother of the Bride/Groom and Special Occasion Blowout Sale

Need a Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, or Special Occasion gown? Visit Bridals by Lori on September 25th- September 27th for our Special Occasion blowout sale!! Get up to 75% off on top designers such as Teri Jon, Kay Unger, Rina diMontella, Montage by Mon Cheri and many more. Call or stop by for details. 404.252.8767 Ext. 192 #Bridalsbylori #SpecialOccasion #MOB #MOG

Mother of the Bride-Designers- Bridals by Lori




Bridals by Lori Goes to Market: New Season, New Dresses!!

Bridals by Lori has a reputation for having the latest and most exclusive styles in the bridal industry. However as a full service bridal salon,  it is important to extend that image in every department of our store, i.e. Bridesmaids, Special Occasion, Black Tie, etc. This season, many of our designers are introducing a new line in the Special Occasions department.  Special Occasion dresses encompass unique style and intricate bead work that allows for sophistication and chicness at any formal event. The dresses are timeless and come in an amazing selection of colors, sizes, and brands. Managers Krystle and Ashlen were there to see the exclusive styles and hand-pick several from each collection.  Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Atlanta Market!

First up: Kay Unger

Representing clothing for a wide range of special occasions, each collection includes glamorous evening wear, bold cocktail creations, and even demure day dresses, all of which are fashioned with luxury fabrications that include exquisite detailing, signature fabric combinations, and original artistic prints.

  • Kay Unger


Mon Cheri: Montage, Ivonne D, Cameron Blake, Social Occasions 

Designed with the sophisticated, fashion-forward client in mind. With a wide selection of full-length and tea-length dress suits, elegant ball gowns and chic formal dress sets in silk chiffon, silky crepe, taffeta, lace, shantung, satin and organza, Mon Cheri provides styles for both informal and formal affairs.

  • Mon Cheri


Teri Jon 

This line includes distinctive style, excellent quality and unequaled craftsmanship, all combined with genuine value. The finest fabrics in the wildest spectrum of colors with extraordinary detail and embellishment to create beautiful and distinctly feminine silhouettes.

  • Teri Jon


Adrianna Papell 

This brand offers an exquisite sense of style, quality craftsmanship, and superlative fit. Adrianna Papell breaks age barriers creating a style of elegance and flair for ALL women. They model their clothes for the “everyday women” appeal—transitioning from one event to the next.


  • Adrianna Papell


Rina diMontella

The design sense of this brand commands a sophisticated look with an acute sense of taste for elegance and glamour. They featured streamlined silhouettes in luxurious fabrications with elaborate beading and embroidery. The gowns are at the front line of special occasion with emphasis on high fashion. 

  • Rina diMontella


VM by Mori Lee

A brand embodies the 3 C’s of fashion: Contemporary, Confidence, and Couture. It captures a timelessly elegant and sophisticated look. The result is a series of figure-flattering evening gowns that are at once sexy and reserved, classy and daring, shockingly simple and attention getting.

  • VM by Mori Lee

Inside the Bridesmaids Department

Bridals by Lori is taking you inside our bridesmaids department for some one-on-one insight from the experts. Meet Krystle Arnold, Bridesmaids’ Manager and Ashlen Lowery, Assistant Manager! They’ll share some of their favorite styles, trends, and ideas with you. Brides…tune in! They have information you and your girls do not want to miss.



Krystle Arnold, Manager

 What is your favorite bridesmaids trend right now?

K: Beading is definitely in right now. Weddings are going back to being formal events, just as they were a few years ago–Today’s styles are reflecting that transition. I love the elegance that  beaded gowns offer. If I had to choose, that would be the idea for my wedding. 

What’s the best part about working in the bridesmaids’ department? Because ideally it is one of the most important aspects of the wedding…

K: Oh of course it is! Bridesmaids, flower girl, mother of the bride/groom…these are extensions of the bridal party. So in that, I’ve developed relationships along the way with the brides and their attendants. It is a pleasure to walk them through this whole experience. And it doesn’t hurt that I get to play dress up everyday! 

Who is your favorite designer? 

K: Ummm….that’s tough. I actually have three that I would pick: Adrianna Papell ( Her designs are nontraditional and heavily beaded), Jim Helm (the gowns are trendy and ready wear. I’m fond of the silhouettes, styles, and colors),  and Lazaro (he has a great technique on designing gowns that look excellent on curvy women.) **Example of Adrianna Papell below**


Do you have any suggestions, style or color-wise,  that brides should consider for a Fall wedding?

K: I would suggest rich, jewel tones for Fall. Something that really compliments your event and can mesh well with the colors of the season. Lazaro carries several great styles. *Below is an example of Krystle’s Fall pick designed by Lazaro*

DSCN5242             DSCN5243

What about Spring weddings? 

K: Brides can experiment with neutrals for Spring. Often times, neutrals get a bad reputation for being tough colors because they “wash out” the bridesmaids. However, it is hard to see the total package with just a fitting. Brides don’t consider the hair and makeup that help to compliment the entire look. Also, brides should expand their color palette. Neutrals aren’t necessarily champagne, blush, or ivory. Instead consider, soft greens or blues.*The example below is cornflower by Jim Helm**

DSCN5246         DSCN5247


What is the biggest misconception about bridesmaids dresses?


K: Well, I have a few! First, the time frame. Production and delivery on a bridesmaids dress takes 13-16 weeks! Many brides don’t account for that much time. They think the dresses are in stock and they’re not. Secondly, girls believe that bridesmaids dresses can be worn again. These dresses are for a one-time, formal occasion; they are not meant to be worn again. If you have another event where you can wear the dress again, then great. If not, it’s okay. Lastly, remember it’s the bride’s choice above all else. I’ll fight for your style and price point, but color and any other decisions are for the bride. It’s her day!

Do you have any advice for brides?

K: Yes, don’t try so hard to be different! I hear girls say all the time, “I want to be different.” And that’s fine, but understand that the gowns will all have some similarities. They’re not bridal gowns, so they have the same formula for the most part. Your vows, venue, and details will make your day unique and special. There are no rules to follow, so get creative in those aspects. 

Tell me something about you people wouldn’t expect to hear?

K: Believe it or not, I was quite the athlete growing up. I’m still a huge football fanatic, but I’ve played tennis, volleyball, and basketball. On average, I would score 12-15 points a game, 4 steals, 3 rebounds, 4-5 assists….but I mean, I’m not bragging or anything!! Lol. 



Ashlen Lowery,  Assistant Manager


 What is your favorite bridesmaids trend right now?

A: I absolutely love the beaded dresses! I’m a bling-type of girl, so I can appreciate the sequence-glam look that is trending right now. They are great for formal weddings or even black tie events. 

What’s the best part about working in the bridesmaids’ department? Because ideally it is one of the most important aspects of the wedding…

A: Working closely with the brides and watching their vision unfold is amazing to me. I love to see the how the details come together to complete the vision the bride has for her wedding day. Bridesmaids dresses are an important part of that idea. As a team, we work together to make her fantasy a reality. 

Who is your favorite designer? 

A: Adrianna Papell is my favorite right now. She has an exquisite sense of style. As I stated before, I love the beaded look. She is able to encompass the sequence and beading with elegance that allows the gowns to have a sense of formality, instead of appearing too youthful. She would definitely be my pick as a bridesmaid….or even to the mall! She’s great for all occasions. Lol


Do you have any suggestions, style or color-wise,  that brides should consider for a Fall wedding?

A: I would choose Amsale for Fall. I like the tulle and truffle color of this dress in particular. The neutral allows your details, such as the bouquet, to really pop in color. The dress is figure-flattering and the cap sleeves are a great addition for Fall. **dress pictured below*


What about Spring weddings?  

A: For Spring…. Watters would be my pick. Tulle is a great lightweight fabric for Spring. The weather is nice and the fabric is not too heavy for the time of year. Also, the pale blush color is season appropriate. It has a full skirt, which is great for movement, especially in regards to outside weddings. Oh and of course, the sequence adds glam to the entire look!


What is the biggest misconception about bridesmaids dresses?

A: Sizing is probably the biggest misconception! Bridesmaids are often unaware that the dresses are fitted 2-3 sizes smaller than your normal dress size. They think, “Oh! I’m a size 10, so that’s what I will order.” When in fact, a normal size 10 translates to a 12 or 14 in bridesmaids dresses. This is why it is very important to be measured by a professional. We encourage girls to allow us to help them with this process in order to minimize issues such as this. Also, these dresses are not in stock. Everything has to be ordered! We have girls that come in prepared to buy off the rack and it’s just not possible. 

Do you have any advice for brides?

A: Yes, start early!!! Get out there and find out what you like. In the event that you find something over a year out from your wedding, order it anyway. Do not risk the chance of your dress getting discontinued. Designers discontinue dresses all the time and often without notice, so keep that in mind. And remember brides, it’s your day. Too many opinions can cause chaos. Pick what YOU like (within reason) and your bridesmaids should accommodate that. 

Tell me something about you people wouldn’t expect to hear?

A: Oh wow! That’s tough….Well, I think people would be shocked to know I rode dirt bikes as a kid. (laughs) It seems typical for most kids, but I’m definitely the more high-maintenance one of the department, so no one would believe that I actually got dirty! They would need a picture! Lol. But of course…this is pre-glam Ashlen. Never to be seen again!

Monte Durham Say Yes

Monte dishes on Moms: 4 factors to consider when choosing a Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

Hello Ladies!!
I get asked ALL THE TIME about Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dresses. Questions range from, “What type of dress is appropriate for the mother?” “Should I match the wedding party?” “Is beading on the dress too much?…I don’t want to outshine the bride!”  Well, I am here to answer all of your questions and put your concerns to rest. Let’s jump right into it:
The most important thing to consider when choosing a mother of the bride/ groom dress is STYLE. I always tell moms to go by the 3 F’s when choosing the right style:
  1. Fit- Try on a variety of styles to decide what looks best for you. It’s essential for you to have that WOW factor. Some of the most popular style designs include a mermaid, column, and A-line. Below are sample pics that differentiate the three.
  2. Fabric- This will vary depending on the time of year as well as your comfort level. Not everyone is uniform in which fabrics feel best and of course, fabrics should go in accordance with the time of year. Some fabrics to consider are organza (thin, plain woven, sheer fabric typically made from silk) satin, velvet, or taffeta. These fabrics vary in texture and quality.
  3. Fashion- This is where you check out trends and design ideas for your dress. Look at “what’s in” and decide how you can incorporate this into your look. For instance, a few years ago, lace was very popular with MOB/MOG dresses, so styles reflected that. They were very clean cut with no beading. Nowadays, beading is popular. It doesn’t mean your whole dress needs to have beading, but you can choose something that very lightly includes a hint of crystals, sequence, and/or stones. Describe how you want to look and allow your consultant to help you execute that idea.


I say this a million times to reassure moms: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH THE WEDDING PARTY! This is a major concern when moms are looking for the right gown. You are meant to stand out. With the exception of the wedding photos, moms are not grouped into the wedding party.  They walk down the aisle separately and they sit during the ceremony. You should be elegant and different. Make note of the seasons when choosing color. Fall typically includes warm colors (oranges, chocolate, shades of burgundy,) winter is for the cool colors (think shades of deep blue,) and spring/summer is good for sheers and pastels (like mint.)


Accessories can make or break ANY look. MOB/MOG have a full range of accessory options to choose from. A nice ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace can add just the right touch of class to your ensemble, but be careful not to overdo it. All of your jewelry pieces should work together. If your dress is heavily beaded, a nice pair of earrings may be all you need. If your dress is simple, you may want to go with more accessories to liven it up a bit. These are all factors to consider. And just a quick tip ladies: Gold is definitely in. It is very trendy today. 

Also, clutches and handbags should only be big enough to fit your cellphone, matte powder, and lipstick. You don’t need your whole life with you, it’s not a suitcase! This is also a great time to bring out the vintage. A beautiful vintage clutch can really tie in the whole look.


No dress ever looks good without the right support. Bras, control tops, spanx, minimizers….you name it, it’s out there! The correct undergarments are imperative. This is something your consultant can help you with. Once you choose the best style for you, then they can go through a variety of undergarments that will give you the right support.


I hope this helps ladies! Lori and I try to answer as many questions as we can, so let us hear from you. Email your questions to and watch Lori answer them by video.

-Monte xo

P.S. Check out the gallery for a look at some of the dresses and merchandise we carry in the store!

Answers to Your Wedding Day Dilemmas

article1 Bringing your wedding dreams to life is oftentimes a hectic experience. Especially stressfu is making and keeping your bridesmaids happy throughout the bridesmaids gown selection process. They want to look good, too, and it’s not easy to pick a style flattering to every shape, budget and size. Below are questions Bridals by Lori is often asked by brides– just another way we can make your special day easier!

1. What style of bridesmaids gown flatters all shapes and sizes?

Consider the height, dress size and body shape of each of your bridesmaids and select a gown accordingly. If you have a bridesmaid who has larger hips or legs, an A-line skirt is the best option for bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. For a bridesmaid who has a larger bust, she might feel more comfortable with straps on her dress versus a strapless style. For an electric and distinctive look, many brides are allowing their maids to select whatever style they prefer. A bride chooses a designer’s color and fabric, and the bridesmaids may select any gown within those parameters. Many designers offer two piece bridesmaids dresses which also offer versatility.

Proper measurements and alterations are the most important factors in ensuring that your bridesmaids look and feel their best. It is best to allow a Bridals by Lori bridesmaids consultant to conduct professional measurements on each of your bridesmaids for the best fit. Remember that bridesmaids gowns run very small so worrying about sizes is silly! Almost every bridesmaids gown will need alterations upon arrival. Plan for plenty of time to receive quality, beautiful alterations.

2. What are dress options for the pregnant bridesmaid?

Comfort is the top priority for the pregnant bridesmaid. Different options are suggested depending on how far along she will be at the time of the wedding. The bridesmaid may decide to estimate her future size and order a larger dress, or the bridesmaid may order fabric and have a dress custom made closer to the wedding, Many designers such as Vera Wang offer stylish maternity bridesmaids gowns. For proper dress sizing and fitting, Bridals by Lori recommends that the pregnant bridesmaid contact the bridesmaids specialist to evaluate her choices.

3. When are tea length bridesmaids’ dresses appropriate?

Tea length gowns are increasingly popular and offer a great “wear again” option for bridesmaids. Most commonly, tea length gowns are seen at casual, semi-formal, afternoon and outdoor weddings, such as a garden or oceanfront ceremony. The wedding’s atmosphere and feel lie in the bride’s hands. Depending on shoes and accessories, tea length dresses can be dressed up or dresses down. Bridals by Lori recommends tea length gowns for weddings before 5:00 p.m. or outdoor weddings anytime.

4. Is it proper to wear strapless gowns in a church or in the winter?

No matter what the season or location, strapless dresses can be formal and elegant for any occasion. Worried about your bridesmaids becoming chilly? A fashionable wrap or stole makes a great bridesmaids gift. Pashmina wraps are chic coverings that are a classy accessory to be work again. Do check your ceremony’s rules– very few places of worship ask that the bride and bridesmaids cover their shoulders.

5. What are the different ways to handle bridesmaids payments?

A 60% deposit is required from each bridesmaid to place the order. The remaining 40% is due within 30 days of the dress arrival or to begin alterations. Many brides choose to place a small amount towards each girl’s dress to ease expenses.

6. What about the guys?

black tie by lori offers fabulous, high-quality tuxedos to complete your wedding day look.