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Prom 2017

Prom 2017: A Beautiful Season

Well, it is over. Prom 2017 is finished. As a new manager in Black Tie BY LORI this year, I want to say, “Thank you,” to all who shopped with us for both dresses and tuxedos. Our entire staff had great fun meeting each and every one of you, and it has been a true pleasure to help so many customers make their prom choices. For the seniors who shopped with us, we wish you the best of luck as you move into the next chapter of your lives. For those customers who will be back next year, we look forward to working with you again.

We cannot believe how quickly the prom season passes by; when it does, we start looking ahead to next season. But before we move on, we want to share a look at Prom 2017 with you. Below you will see some of our customers who shined in their prom picks. Thanks again for sharing your prom with us!

See you next year!


Prom 2016

Prom 2017 Market: Pastels, ’70s Prints & Two-Pieces

Prom 2016Recently, Lori attended the WORLD OF PROM market in Atlanta to check out the new designs for 2017, and came away a bit surprised. As always, designing for prom challenges the designers behind the dresses. “To design a year and a half in advance, that’s hard to do,” Lori said, especially considering how fast the world changes for high school girls. At the Atlanta market, the designers certainly were up to the challenge.

“Atlanta has by far the largest prom market,” Lori said. “People come from everywhere. It runs for over a week. So we really specialize in Sherri Hill and Jovani. Those are the two lines that we feel like are the strongest with our customers, and that’s the ones we get the most requests for. And, really, they are the two most popular prom lines out there.”

For prom 2017, expect to see a softer side in color. “This season, Sherri Hill is bringing pastels back, which I was really shocked because last season we saw all the color blocking and bright colors,” Lori said. “This season we saw a really pretty light blue, we saw a lot of pink – a ton of pink. We also saw a lot of what’s popular in the housing industry as far as colors, which are grays. There is a ton of stone and light gray and gunmetal.”

Jovani prom 2017


Also, two-piece dress designs continue to reign for prom 2017. “Two-pieces were bigger than ever before,” Lori said. “I’m sitting there as I’m buying these thinking, ‘I hope their mothers don’t have a heart attack.’ They sold well last year, and I’m hoping that continues through this year.”

Ballgowns also are more prevalent for prom 2017, with a decline in trumpet designs. “There’s some, but last year it was all there was,” Lori said. “This year, it’s more dispersed between then two-piece and the A-line. They’re bringing different things back.”

Those “different things” include a blast from the past. “Let me tell you what’s coming back big time: the ’70s,” Lori said. “Oh my goodness, and I fit right in there. One girl came out at Jovani wearing a bright yellow top with a bell sleeve, two pieces, and guess what the skirt had on it? Flowers all over it. It could have been straight out of 1970. I felt like she should have given us a ‘peace’ sign as she walked down the runway.”

Lori also saw ’70s-inspired designs from Sherri Hill. “She did this whole ‘Anthropologie’ look, and they looked like fabric from the ’70s that was like a patchwork skirt with a solid top,” she said. “That was another thing they’re bringing back for 2017. It was a different, interesting market.”

Lori certainly hopes prom shoppers like what they see. “For us as buyers, we’re trying to predict what will sell,” she said. “It is hard to buy for prom. So we’re taking a guess and a gamble that all this will be popular and the girls will love it. So, fingers crossed!”


tuxedo FAQs

Tuxedo FAQs

Brides conduct all types of research when it comes to shopping for their wedding dress. But how much time is devoted to finding the right tuxedo for their grooms? Admittedly, not much, right? After all, he just has to show up for wedding. Actually, grooms should take some time to consider what they want to wear (it’s their big day, too!). They might be surprised to learn they will have some questions regarding their own attire as well as that of their wedding party. Therefore, to help grooms get started on their own formalwear journey to their wedding, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we hear at black tie BY LORI.

tuxedo FAQsHow long before my wedding should I register the men’s attire?

Make sure you allow enough time for your groomsmen to be measured and to submit those measurements with the order. Ordering within three weeks of your wedding will incur rush fees and risk the chance that the styles you want are not available.

My wedding is in Atlanta, but my groomsmen are out of town. How will they place their order?

We have an easy out-of-town order form on our website at black tie BY LORI where your groomsmen can place their rental order. We also offer online tuxedo rentals at

I have children in my wedding. Do you have small sizes for ring bearers? How much do they cost?

Our rentals start at size 2T, plus we offer children’s sizes for sale with prices starting at $79.

I like the Slim Fit tuxedo, but not all of my groomsmen are slender. How will that look?

It will look great because the coats are made proportionately for larger guys so you can get the same look for all of your guys.

Some of my groomsmen have their own tuxedos. Can they just rent accessories?

Yes, they can, but we strongly recommend you have your wedding party rent the same tuxedo to ensure a cohesive look at your wedding.

Tuxedo FAQsDo you have the color vest and tie to match the bridesmaid dresses?

Yes, we have more than 200 color combinations with 42 colors online. However, we suggest neutral accessories that coordinate with the color you have chosen. Sometimes a pocket square or boutonnière is all that is needed for that subtle pop of color.

Of course, these are just a few of the questions we answer every day. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 404.252.8767, ext. 210. We want to make you look and feel as good as your bride!



Summer Prom Dress Sale

Don’t Miss This Prom Dress Sale!

Now through July 30, Black Tie BY LORI is holding its biggest prom dress sale of the year! Get 15, 25, even 50 percent off original price for gorgeous dresses by such designers as Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme and Alyce. This is the ideal tprom dressime to get the perfect dress not only for prom 2017, but also homecoming, fall formals, winter formals and even upcoming pageants.

You’ll find a variety of styles, including full-length, short and sassy, strapless, halter neck, V-neck, and many more in a rainbow of colors. Choose something covered with sparkles, long and flowy with tulle, or a sexy two-piece ensemble.

Appointments are not required, but this sale is in-story only, so come early for the best selection available. For more information or if you have questions, give us a call at 404-252-8767, ext. 210. 


“The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world’s largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish the fight once and for all.”  There are over 6,000 events held all over the world with over 4 million participants annually. This year, Lori Allen was invited to the Relay for Life event in Gwinnett County as the “Honorary Survivor. ” The fundraiser held in Gwinnett is the largest of them all with nearly 10,000 people in attendance over a 12-hour period.  We are looking to help raise $2 million this year with joining efforts of participants and sponsors.

Here are a few highlights from the event!

  • Lori & Eddie take a quick photo before the walk!


Environmentally Friendly Lighting for a Green Bride

The wedding day is a custom as old as civilization itself. Love is in the air as couples begin their lives together in the presence of family and friends.

Wedding planners throughout history have searched for special touches to make each event unique. Whether the blessed event is sumptuous or simple, the goal always is to make it memorable while launching the happy couple off to a great start.

In our 21st century, more and more couples are looking to be more environmentally aware and  “ ” looking to add green, sustainable values to their lives. Why not start with the wedding? Elegant lighting for the event is now both affordable and responsible. A wide range of solutions are with us today which barely sip from the power grid. Choose anything from rechargeable candles to a huge variety of LED bulbs. Let your imagination fly with solar powered fairy lights! Neither rain nor wind will knock these lights out. Guests will love them and the atmosphere they create.

Set your creativity to work. A beautiful, green wedding is within your reach.

–By Chris Angus


That does it for Prom 2K16!! It was a pleasure fitting so many prom girls in the newest styles from Sherri Hill, Jovani, and LaFemme.  These young ladies looked absolutely gorgeous. While we’re at it, take note at how dapper the young men look as well in their Ike Bahar, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors!

This is a very exciting time for us,  as prom season is not very long. We take pride in making sure our customers look and feel their best for the big night. Thanks to all those that shopped with us…. and for those of you who will be attending prom in the future, we’ll see you next season!

Here are some customer highlights!




It’s exciting to see bridal styles transition over the years. Bridal couture is a reflection of popular culture or “the style of the time.” From Grace Kelly’s rose point lace to Judd Waddell’s innovation of the 1st strapless gown, the bridal world has its share of historic fashion moments. When introducing or following suit of a trend, no one designer has the same vision. Some follow the same formula in line with the adage of, “If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it” approach while others develop innovative and groundbreaking transformations each season. Nonetheless, it’s all in the name of fashion and we’ll always have a front row seat for that. Take a look at some of the trending styles we’ve noticed this season:



Florals add a feminine and romantic touch to any gown. It softens your bridal look with little to no effort.  Every designer is different in the way a trend is portrayed in the design. For instance, Lazaro has colored floral patterns throughout the bodice and trailing down the train of the dress. Underneath is blush tulle used to complement the floral pattern while really allowing the hints of color to pop……The other samples have floral appliques in the same tone as the dress. The Matthew Christopher gown (middle) is a deeper ivory color with florals throughout the skirt. The Rivini has floral accents throughout the entire gown while emphasizing another major trend of the sheer silhouette.  This is a fun and showstopping trend that’s sure to be around for a while. 


 Low backs!

This trend is very popular in bridal. Low backs range from a plunging V-shape to an illusion with floral accents. Whichever, this style is sure to be a sexy, yet elegant addition to any bridal gown. (Featured: Amsale and Kenneth Pool) 


The Minimalist Bride…. Simple chic and elegance! This style caters to the bride that wants  clean-cut fabrics with a touch of modernism for a sleek wedding look. The first gown is a Jesus Peiro high- V-neck, full skirt with added bow.  The middle Amsale gown features an overskirt, which is a touch of modernism for this spaghetti strap, silk sheath number. The last Amsale gown is a boat-neck, silk taffeta ball gown with pockets.  “Less is more!” 



Gold beading and embroidery is definitely making waves in bridal. This form of beading is so dominant and extravagant, that brides need very minimal accessories to complete the perfect wedding look. Gold can highlight the best features of a dress–changing the look completely!  Gold is indeed a hit for jewelry and headpieces as well. (Featured: Enaura Bridal  and Eve of Milady)


Pop of Color!

Color trends are for brides looking to show their unique style and personality. We’ve seen this trend transform over the years. Before wedding dresses mimicked the Victorian era and were solely white, brides would wear actual color in their weddings. Blue, red, green…you name it! We’re happy to see this come back into the bridal world. It’s a great alternative to what’s become the traditional white or ivory. We would definitely say that these designers got it right!  (Featured: Matthew Christopher and Romona Keveza)  


Plunging Necklines or Deep V-Necks!

This style is designed in many different forms. Whether it’s paired with an illusion neckline or off- the-shoulder sleeves, this is a sleek trend offering a touch of drama to any gown. From the image above, it’s evident that this neckline can be paired with a dramatic or understated gown.  (Featured: RiviniWatters, and Kenneth Pool )


Sheer Bodice!

Sheer bodices are bold, sexy and trendy! Only for the daring bride! Even in a modest ballgown, this trend highlights the bodice and makes it more appealing and bold. The floral appliques throughout the skirt soften the look of the dress, which still allows for the dainty, princess look. The gown to the right has fully incorporated beading with the sheer bodice, which makes the dress more glamorous. The mermaid style adds a sultry effect. (Eve of Milady) 

Like what you see? Come visit us! We have all of these styles in-store and would love to help you find the perfect dress!


If you know the history of the  Grammy Awards, then you obviously know it’s the biggest night in music for artists across the globe. The most familiar names in the industry come together for an honorable night to celebrate culture, fashion, music, and creativity. Although all of these characteristics are equally important to compound one of the biggest nights of the year, OUR FAVORITE….hands down…is fashion! Of course the performances are fun and the awards are exciting, but it all boils down to ‘Who is wearing What’ …right?! So let’s take a look at some of our favorite highlights of the show… or  red carpet should we say!

Let’s start with the good news first:

These ladies were some our favorites and made the best dressed list for other publications as well. What’s exciting about the picture featured below is the bridal influence that embodies these gowns. Beyonce is adorned in an actual wedding gown by international designer Inbal Dror. Ariana Grande looks amazing in her Romona Keveza gown; who we carry in-store by the way–Go Romona! Chrissy Teigen is toting her baby bump in a beautiful Yousef Al-Jasmi original, complete with the very trendy bridal cape. (Think, Solange Knowles’ famous wedding pic..). These women were very classic, chic, and trendy. Bridal approved!


Continuing with our best dresses list, Tori Kelly is a green goddess in her Gauri and Nainika  gown. This color is the perfect shade and her blond locs complement the entire look. Kaley Cuoco is flashing her nice physique in this sparkling jumpsuit by Naeem Khan– perfect red carpet choice. And lastly, Ms. Serayah  is stunning in this one-shoulder, lavender Vera Wang gown. It shows just enough skin with fabulous Stuart Weitzman heels to top it off.


Carrie Underwood is a beauty in this black Nicolas Jebran number, but the real showstopper was her 12-carat ‘Firefly Diamond,’ necklace. It was reported that there are 20 carats of rubies and 16 carats of white diamonds– that’s a lot of bling! Speaking of bling, Ellie Goulding’s dress may have been modest in the front, but the back was an entirely different story. Her Stella McCartney design has a full beaded low-back–very classy, yet sexy. And then there was Taylor Swift…. The pop star was a stunner in a Versace bandeau top and high-waisted skirt. We’re not used to this side of Taylor, but we love it!



This must be the ‘Year of the Cutouts!’–These celebrities took it to a different level with the sex appeal. Selena Gomez is rocking Calvin Klein with cutouts through the sides and back. Her long brunette locs and diamond hoops complete the sparkly number. Ciara is on fire with this original Alexandre Vauthier gown! She is definitely showing off her toned body– (Should we run to the gym now?!)….Not far behind is Bella Hadid wearing the same designer, Alexandre Vauthier. Looks like these ladies had the same vision.



We love Zendaya and Demi Lovato, but we were torn in between these tux-inspired looks. Both are classic styles, but did they “wow” the crowd enough? We’ll let you guys decide!



Now, we have to be fair. We love Lady Gaga for the David Bowie tribute and she IS known for making daring fashion choices, but this wasn’t our absolute favorite look on Gaga. Nonetheless, she stays true to her style and this is a very Gaga-ish approach to the red carpet. So good for you! Meanwhile, the others are a bit of a miss for us. So we’ll just give you an A for effort!


Be sure to check out the Bridals by Lori blog periodically for fashion updates!


Jovani’s Spring 2016 collection is coming to Bridals by Lori!!

Join us on #MLK day, January 18th, for an exclusive look at the new collection. We will be featuring some of the most unique styles and designs for Prom 2016. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Black Tie by Lori: 404.252.8767 Ext 210.

“Jovani Fashion is a premiere source of elegant dresses for every important occasion. Consistently on top of the latest trends!” They are designed with excellent craftsmanship using top quality fabrics and intricate bead work.

Take a look at the photo-shoot for a preview of the samples we have in-store!