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“The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world’s largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish the fight once and for all.”  There are over 6,000 events held all over the world with over 4 million participants annually. This year, Lori Allen was invited to the Relay for Life event in Gwinnett County as the “Honorary Survivor. ” The fundraiser held in Gwinnett is the largest of them all with nearly 10,000 people in attendance over a 12-hour period.  We are looking to help raise $2 million this year with joining efforts of participants and sponsors.

Here are a few highlights from the event!

  • Lori & Eddie take a quick photo before the walk!


Environmentally Friendly Lighting for a Green Bride

The wedding day is a custom as old as civilization itself. Love is in the air as couples begin their lives together in the presence of family and friends.

Wedding planners throughout history have searched for special touches to make each event unique. Whether the blessed event is sumptuous or simple, the goal always is to make it memorable while launching the happy couple off to a great start.

In our 21st century, more and more couples are looking to be more environmentally aware and  “ ” looking to add green, sustainable values to their lives. Why not start with the wedding? Elegant lighting for the event is now both affordable and responsible. A wide range of solutions are with us today which barely sip from the power grid. Choose anything from rechargeable candles to a huge variety of LED bulbs. Let your imagination fly with solar powered fairy lights! Neither rain nor wind will knock these lights out. Guests will love them and the atmosphere they create.

Set your creativity to work. A beautiful, green wedding is within your reach.

–By Chris Angus


If you know the history of the  Grammy Awards, then you obviously know it’s the biggest night in music for artists across the globe. The most familiar names in the industry come together for an honorable night to celebrate culture, fashion, music, and creativity. Although all of these characteristics are equally important to compound one of the biggest nights of the year, OUR FAVORITE….hands down…is fashion! Of course the performances are fun and the awards are exciting, but it all boils down to ‘Who is wearing What’ …right?! So let’s take a look at some of our favorite highlights of the show… or  red carpet should we say!

Let’s start with the good news first:

These ladies were some our favorites and made the best dressed list for other publications as well. What’s exciting about the picture featured below is the bridal influence that embodies these gowns. Beyonce is adorned in an actual wedding gown by international designer Inbal Dror. Ariana Grande looks amazing in her Romona Keveza gown; who we carry in-store by the way–Go Romona! Chrissy Teigen is toting her baby bump in a beautiful Yousef Al-Jasmi original, complete with the very trendy bridal cape. (Think, Solange Knowles’ famous wedding pic..). These women were very classic, chic, and trendy. Bridal approved!


Continuing with our best dresses list, Tori Kelly is a green goddess in her Gauri and Nainika  gown. This color is the perfect shade and her blond locs complement the entire look. Kaley Cuoco is flashing her nice physique in this sparkling jumpsuit by Naeem Khan– perfect red carpet choice. And lastly, Ms. Serayah  is stunning in this one-shoulder, lavender Vera Wang gown. It shows just enough skin with fabulous Stuart Weitzman heels to top it off.


Carrie Underwood is a beauty in this black Nicolas Jebran number, but the real showstopper was her 12-carat ‘Firefly Diamond,’ necklace. It was reported that there are 20 carats of rubies and 16 carats of white diamonds– that’s a lot of bling! Speaking of bling, Ellie Goulding’s dress may have been modest in the front, but the back was an entirely different story. Her Stella McCartney design has a full beaded low-back–very classy, yet sexy. And then there was Taylor Swift…. The pop star was a stunner in a Versace bandeau top and high-waisted skirt. We’re not used to this side of Taylor, but we love it!



This must be the ‘Year of the Cutouts!’–These celebrities took it to a different level with the sex appeal. Selena Gomez is rocking Calvin Klein with cutouts through the sides and back. Her long brunette locs and diamond hoops complete the sparkly number. Ciara is on fire with this original Alexandre Vauthier gown! She is definitely showing off her toned body– (Should we run to the gym now?!)….Not far behind is Bella Hadid wearing the same designer, Alexandre Vauthier. Looks like these ladies had the same vision.



We love Zendaya and Demi Lovato, but we were torn in between these tux-inspired looks. Both are classic styles, but did they “wow” the crowd enough? We’ll let you guys decide!



Now, we have to be fair. We love Lady Gaga for the David Bowie tribute and she IS known for making daring fashion choices, but this wasn’t our absolute favorite look on Gaga. Nonetheless, she stays true to her style and this is a very Gaga-ish approach to the red carpet. So good for you! Meanwhile, the others are a bit of a miss for us. So we’ll just give you an A for effort!


Be sure to check out the Bridals by Lori blog periodically for fashion updates!

Lori Burns Allen has a special message for the SYTTD: Atlanta Fans!!


Monte Durham Against Bullying

Hats off to Monte Durham for his advocacy on Bullying Prevention for TLC’s ‘Give a Little’ Campaign! He discussed his personal experiences with bullying and gave suggestions on what we can do to prevent it. As we know, Monte is dubbed the life of the party as a lively co-host of “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta,” alongside Lori Burns Allen. However, this interview exposes a  more vulnerable side to counteract the familiarity of the TV personality.  When asked why he chose  bullying as a  topic to raise awareness, he responded, “Bullying is a sore spot for me because I’ve been a victim. From my looks to my mannerisms, I know what it feels like to be judged unfairly. But now I have this platform and I’m able to use my popularity to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. I’m able to go out and say ‘This is wrong and it’s unacceptable.’ “

  Thank you Monte for your voice!




  • Click the link for the full interview:

#Say Yes: Atlanta for #SOARD

As you know from previous posts, Bridals by Lori is no stranger to philanthropy. In continuing with our commitment to Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD), the Bridals by Lori staff got “down and dirty” to construct a princess-themed room for four-year old Peyton, who is battling Stage- 4 Leukemia. The process took several weeks of planning and countless hours  of construction, but the results were rewarding.

Peyton was very sweet and grateful that the Say Yes crew were able to aid in creating a comfortable space for her to play and relax. The room was complete with a dress-up station, a princess tiara over her bed, and custom princess sketches created by designer Lazaro!

A special thanks to Sunshine on a Ranney Day and Mohawk Flooring for making this possible. SOARD is a non-profit organization that works to create dream rooms & home makeovers for children with long-term illnesses.

Check out the gallery outlining our experience:

  • Peyton was thrilled to be in her new room!




Now it’s your chance to get up close and personal with Lori Allen. Watch Lori answer your questions on EVERYTHING from fashion advice and the bridal industry to the latest trends and everyday tips. Just email your questions to with the hashtag #AMA (Ask me anything) in the subject line. Lori’s answers  to your questions will be posted on You Tube!

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions to date:

  • Is it important for brides to wear a veil?
  • Is it acceptable for a bride to wear a color other than white?
  • What styles do you suggest for busty brides?
  • Who was on your best-dressed list for the 2015 Emmy Awards?
  • Which celebrity couple had the best wedding this year?
  • How long did it take to start Bridals by Lori?
  • What are your favorite products in your makeup bag?

As you can see, NOTHING is off limits! Start emailing your questions now!


2015 SOARD GALA: Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Recently, Lori Allen attended the  2015 Sunshine on a Ranney Day Gala. Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD) “is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit approved organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that creates dream room & home makeovers for children with long-term illnesses.” It was founded in 2012 by Peter and Holly Ranney, who were adamant in creating a foundation that would allow children to have their own space to be comfortable, free, and imaginative.

Lori believes in the mission this organization represents because it asserts hope and courage in such a critical stage of the child’s life.  Events such as this gala is needed to generate support– as the organization relies 100% on donations. Community involvement is one of the best ways to stay connected to social issues and create a positive impact. When asked why she chose this particular organization to support, Lori replied, “SOARD has a done an amazing job to build self-esteem and confidence in these children. To see active participants in the community brings such gratitude and humility and I’m proud to support a organization  such as this.”

Check out the gallery below to see snapshots from the event held on September 12th, 2015 and former projects designed by the members of SOARD.  If you wish to get involved, go to for volunteer and partnership opportunities.

  • Stacy Halstead, Lori Allen, and Mollie Allen at the 2015 Sunshine on a Ranney Day Gala.





Lori’s 10 Commandments for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Lori Allen opened Bridals by Lori in 1980, and after three decades of helping brides find their wedding dresses, she’s got the process perfected. Her 10 Commandments should guide your own wedding dress search. We guarantee they’ll lead you to your dream gown. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the tips below and videos of brides she’s saved from the brink of dress disaster!

10: Thou Shalt Keep the Bride’s Eyes on the Prize

Shopping for a wedding dress is emotional (and can be exhausting). Some brides get defeated because they think they’re just not the girly, bridal type. Truth is, everyone has bridal style! You just have to find yours and let it shine through. (Taking this bridal style quiz is a good place to start! ) On your wedding day, be the best version of yourself — if you’re a tomboy that might mean wearing your usual running shoes under a crinoline skirt.

9: Thou Shalt Not Let the Bride Overshop

It’s easy to talk yourself out of the right dress if you keep on shopping for new and different styles. Don’t chalk it up to being indecisive. Trust your gut when you find a dress you love. After all, you stopped looking for guys when you met your fiance, right?

8: Thou Shalt Keep an Open Mind

There’s a reason bridal salons are staffed with consultants. These experts are trained to dress various body types and to make recommendations based on the type of wedding you’re having and in what season or location you’re getting married. Listen to them! Even if you’re determined to wear a mermaid dress, trust the consultant when she pulls a lace A-line for you. Maybe he or she knows something you don’t.

7: Thou Shalt Leave the Past Behind

Maybe you’re a little older than you thought you’d be when you got married. Maybe you’re pining for a dress that’s no longer being produced by the designer. Maybe you lost or gained weight, and your body isn’t what it used to be. Inhale deeply and let it — whatever “it” is — go. Shop for the woman you are at this very moment, not the woman you were five years ago.

6: Honor Thy Mother and Father…Up to a Point

Whether you’re a daddy’s girl or mom’s best friend, it’s important to take their opinions into consideration when choosing your dress. You might have a different perspective entirely if you’re not close to either parent. Point is, if your parents are paying for the dress, they get a say in what it looks like. Plus, some good, old-fashioned respect for mama never hurt any relationship. Your wedding is emotional for her, too, so be sensitive to her feelings.

5: Honor Thy Bride’s Opinion Over All Others

The second you started wearing that ring, you developed bridal intuition. That’s a sixth sense that lasts through your wedding planning and instinctively guides you in making some pretty tough decisions. (Peonies or roses? Cut your parents’ friends from the guest list or nix the Rolls Royce for the grand send-off?) Listen to that voice inside your head when shopping for a dress. If you want the princess dress your friends hate — and you know you look good in it — the choice is clear.

4: Pick Thy Wedding Posse Carefully

Ten years from now, you may not remember who accompanied you on your dress shopping mission, but you’ll remember how you felt when you left the salon. Were you elated, having found your dress and ready to celebrate over lunch? Or were you disappointed, leaving empty-handed after hearing too many opinions or (heaven forbid) criticisms? Shopping with those who love you and support you unconditionally will lead to shopping success. That’s not permission to bring your entire sorority pledge class. Limit your entourage to just 3-5 people with sound judgment.

3: Thou Shalt Not Bring Thy Fiance’s Ex

This point needs no explanation.

2: Thou Shalt Not Covet a Dress Outside Thy Budget

There is no possible scenario in which buying a dress you can’t afford has a happy ending. Don’t even try on a dress that’s over budget. Say you fall in love with a $10,000 dress and your budget is $2,000. What now? A) You put it on your credit card and go into dress debt before you walk down the aisle. Fail. B) You guilt whoever’s writing the check into spending more on you, and you strain the relationship. Big fail. C) You get your dress and look amazing, but you have to slash costs elsewhere, and you give up the band, premium appetizers and open bar. Biggest fail of all because your wedding will be a lot less fun.

1: Thou Shalt Leave Thy Fiance At Home

Leave a little something to your future husband’s imagination by letting him skip dress shopping. It’s incredibly special to see your fiance at the end of the aisle waiting for you. Blow him away with how gorgeous you look, and keep the dress a secret. If you bring him shopping, you risk boring him, shocking him with the cost of bridal attire or compromising your vision for something he prefers.


Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta premieres on June 6th!

In the Season 7 premiere of “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta,” Salina Falkenstein has a dilemma that only Bridals by Lori can resolve. She needs a dress that day for a wedding that needs to take place by 5 p.m., and it’s up to the bridal experts to find her the perfect gown for the last minute courthouse wedding.

It’s Salina’s mom who inspired her to get a day-of dress within her $2,000 budget. The pressure is on to find Salina a dress off the rack that doesn’t need alterations and isn’t too expensive.

“Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” premieres on June 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes on TLC.
Photo/Video credit: TLC