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tuxedo FAQs

Tuxedo FAQs

Brides conduct all types of research when it comes to shopping for their wedding dress. But how much time is devoted to finding the right tuxedo for their grooms? Admittedly, not much, right? After all, he just has to show up for wedding. Actually, grooms should take some time to consider what they want to wear (it’s their big day, too!). They might be surprised to learn they will have some questions regarding their own attire as well as that of their wedding party. Therefore, to help grooms get started on their own formalwear journey to their wedding, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we hear at black tie BY LORI.

tuxedo FAQsHow long before my wedding should I register the men’s attire?

Make sure you allow enough time for your groomsmen to be measured and to submit those measurements with the order. Ordering within three weeks of your wedding will incur rush fees and risk the chance that the styles you want are not available.

My wedding is in Atlanta, but my groomsmen are out of town. How will they place their order?

We have an easy out-of-town order form on our website at black tie BY LORI where your groomsmen can place their rental order. We also offer online tuxedo rentals at

I have children in my wedding. Do you have small sizes for ring bearers? How much do they cost?

Our rentals start at size 2T, plus we offer children’s sizes for sale with prices starting at $79.

I like the Slim Fit tuxedo, but not all of my groomsmen are slender. How will that look?

It will look great because the coats are made proportionately for larger guys so you can get the same look for all of your guys.

Some of my groomsmen have their own tuxedos. Can they just rent accessories?

Yes, they can, but we strongly recommend you have your wedding party rent the same tuxedo to ensure a cohesive look at your wedding.

Tuxedo FAQsDo you have the color vest and tie to match the bridesmaid dresses?

Yes, we have more than 200 color combinations with 42 colors online. However, we suggest neutral accessories that coordinate with the color you have chosen. Sometimes a pocket square or boutonnière is all that is needed for that subtle pop of color.

Of course, these are just a few of the questions we answer every day. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 404.252.8767, ext. 210. We want to make you look and feel as good as your bride!



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Co-Ed Formals: Inside the Black Tie Department

Black Tie by Lori is one of the many departments that outline our full service bridal boutique. At Black Tie by Lori we carry the largest selection of men’s formal wear tuxedos  for rent and purchase in the southeast. This includes tuxedos, suits, shirts, vest, ties, and other formal wear accessories. In addition, Black Tie by Lori offers the most exclusive prom/ pageant/ and homecoming dresses in the Atlanta area.

Our highly trained consultants and sales associates can help educate you in everything there is to know about men’s formal wear and special occasion dresses so you are sure to look stylish and appropriate. So here is an in-depth look into the black tie department, including a few of your questions answered by the consultants.


Production:  Men’s Formals


What does it mean for an event to be “black tie?

A: Black Tie is a dress code of formal wear for evening events and social functions. This dress code is usually worn to events after 6 pm and the events range from galas and dinner parties to fundraisers and of course, weddings!

Who normally picks out the tuxedos? The bride/groom? 

A: It’s really 50/50. Sometimes brides have a vision that they will communicate to the groom and he will then start shopping within those guidelines. Other times, the groom is not involved as much…. he just comes to get fitted and follows her lead. We also have guys that may have seen a certain look on TV or in magazines and wants to re-create it. So everyone is different.

Is it important for the tuxes to match the bridesmaid dresses?

A: Traditionally speaking, yes. However, things have moved away from just the traditional standards, so you really don’t need to match unless it’s important to you. There are no rules now. Anything is fair game. 

Which brands do we carry in-store?

A: We currently have Ike Bahar, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss( retail only).

Examples below: 

DSCN5605 Ike BaharDSCN5600 Michael Kors

Any color or style recommendations for Fall?

A: I would say ‘dress for the season.’ In the Fall:  Navy/ Black or the Classic Black/ White. I would choose the vest instead of the cummerbund. The weather is cooler so the groom/groomsmen can layer their clothing a bit more.  

What about for Spring?

A: We can start experimenting with color a little more in the Spring. The Ivory Shawl and Tan Havana are excellent choices. With the warmer weather, a cummerbund is a better fit– It allows for more movement. The pleated shirts match nicely with the cummerbund as well. I would pair our gray Michael Kors tux with the pale pinks or other shades of grays/pewter or I would choose the tan havana with pastels and corals. The tan havana is also great for destination weddings (example below) 


Is it better to rent or purchase?

A: If you attend more than one black tie event a year, I recommend that you purchase a tux……So it depends on your social calendar. In fact, we have a promotional deal that allows customers to get the cost of the rental subtracted from the purchase price of the tux, if the customer rents a tux more than once in a 6- month period.  

Other promos** If the bride purchases her wedding gown from Bridals by Lori, her groom gets (a) free rental OR (b) $200 credit for the purchase of a tuxedo (any brand)***

Do we carry style options for children?

A: Yes, we do. For infants, we choose the “Peanut Butter” collection. This is usually standard for any child under 4 years old. If the child is age four or older, then they can choose a better fit with one of our rentals. 

How far in advance should a groom and his groomsmen start shopping for tuxedos?

A: The sooner, the better! The bride and groom can decide on their vision for the wedding and as she is purchasing her dress, the groom can start creating the look for he and his groomsmen. 

What is the ordering process for rentals?

A: Our policy requires a $50.00 deposit on rentals. This secures the order and sends it into production. Customers can pay online or in-store. The rental must be paid in full before it can leave the store. 

Do you have any advice for prospective customers?.. Any misconceptions about shopping for tuxedos?

A: Most of our customers assume that rentals have a tailored fit–they do not. It is not a custom piece. The only areas that are adjustable are the sleeves and pants (hem.) The chest and shoulders are not altered to fit your body. If you are looking for a tailored fit, then you must purchase a tux for that look. ….(Monte modeling  a tailored tux below)


Favorite part of this job?

A: I love being apart of their special day and watching everything come together. Working in black tie is quite different from the rest of the store because it allows the groom to have his special moment. So I’m happy to be apart of that. 

Fun Fact**

A: I make modern, pop-art jewelry for fun! My pieces are made of recycled beads and material. I really enjoy doing that in my spare time. 




Consultant: Prom- Pageant- Homecoming


Which designers are actively carried in-store? 

T: Right now we have Jovani, Sherri Hill, and La Femme. 

What are the major differences with each designer?

T: Well, Jovani is sleek, sexy, and sultry. If you want to make a statement or have a grand entrance, Jovani is your designer. Sherri Hill is fun and youthful! They offer high quality bead work, the styles are trendy, and it is age appropriate to cover a wide range of events. La Femme is simple and elegant. You won’t see the elaborate bead work, like a Sherri Hill. Nor is it over the top like Jovani. It’s more of our middle ground line. Just very chic and elegant. 

Examples of Jovani dresses we carry in-store: 

DSCN5648Tiffany’s fav!       DSCN5666

Typically, how are the three events categorized in seasons? (Prom, pageant, and homecoming) 

T: Pageant dresses sell year-round. There isn’t really a season for that because they vary in time. Prom season is in the Spring when it’s warmer. Homecoming typically is in the Fall. 

What’s your favorite trend? 

T: Well, I actually have two (laughs**) so, I’ll show you both of them! The first one is the Jovani lace– you guys know by now I love Jovani! This dress is so intricate, it’s classy, and timeless. It’s definitely a statement piece. 

The second is the Sherri Hill high neck. This look is trending everywhere right now. The dress is fitted and has an overall high quality style. 

Examples of both: 

DSCN5630 Jovani Lace             DSCN5643Sherri Hill 

How soon should customers start shopping?

T: For Homecoming, you should start shopping in the summer. We usually have a lot of the newer styles by that time. For prom, start as soon as possible! Prom season is busy!! Usually, teenagers will start shopping the day after Christmas for prom. They’ll come in with Christmas money and it gets hectic! …again, pageant is year-round. Also, we have so many unique gowns that it doesn’t require you to shop at a certain time. Come in anytime and I’m certain we’ll have what you’re looking for. 

Do we have a system that keeps records of purchases? Will any two girls mistakenly purchase the same dress? 

T: We do keep a record of who-buys-what. It is categorized by schools. We are very careful in guiding the girls into finding what they want for the event. It’s very rare that two girls will end up with the same dress. That’s also why we buy such unique pieces to avoid those mishaps. 

Are we able to order a style if we do not have the sample in-store?

T: ONLY if it is available! It’s not a problem for us to order it, but it has to be available to order– which can be tough with certain styles. We require a non-refundable 60% deposit to order samples that are not carried in the store. 

Do you have any Advice? Tips?  Misconceptions for prospective customers?

T: Be open-minded!! 9 times out of 10, most girls buy what they least expect. So you have to be willing to try something different. That’s the only way to know if you really like it. 

What’s your favorite part about working in this department?

T: I love making a difference. Girls come in here frazzled, sad, and exhausted from shopping. So it’s my job to step in and make it easy and fabulous! We have accessories in addition to dresses, so let us help to create the full package. 


Fun Fact***

T: Well, I’m newly engaged! So after 5 years in this industry, it’s a different perspective being on the other side of things. Now I’m the one choosing venues, colors, and details. (Yikes!) I have these high expectations to be different and unique. The pressure is  definitely on!





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