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7 thoughts on “Happy 35th Anniversary to Lori Allen & her husband Eddie!

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Lori on your 35th wedding anniversary!!! You make all the women who come into your Bridal shop feel like a Beautiful Bride. Just as you were on your special day. I Love watching you and Monty on the show, “Say YES to the Dress.” I’m a huge fan. And I love your Commandments by Lori.

  2. Congratulations on you and your husband’s wedding anniversary. This is a very special time in both of your lives, with all your whole family have been through over the years. I enjoy watching SAY YES TO THE DRESS and look forward to meeting you next year when I choose my gown. Keep up the show’s good work and see you next year!

  3. I’m watching say yes to the dress now. I’m recovering from double mastectomy and chemo i hope to be back to rexall soon and hope to see you snd Eddie. I love your dhow

  4. Hi Lori and Monty,

    I really enjoy watching the two of you make a brides dream come true on the show, say yes to the dress Atlanta. I just wish you had a location here in Virginia where I could go as I shop for my gown. Love your work! Stay true to the bride!


  5. I’m from the UK and I have never seen a Bridal salon like yours Lori, I love watching say yes to the dress and I think all your staff are brilliant at there jobs especially Monty!!! X

  6. Hello I am from switzerland and I love “say yes to the dress”:-)) Lori you are just a great person:-)) I survived blood cancer and see how strong you are..go on and make more brides so happy. take care of you and one million hugs from me :))) and happy 25th wedding were a beautiful bride..

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