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Home Shopping While Honeymoon Planning? 5 Tips For Budget-friendly Travel

Wedding and homeowner trends are following a similar path– people are waiting longer to walk down the aisle and cross the threshold into their first home. Since people are waiting longer to reach both milestones, many times couples are planning their wedding, booking their honeymoon, and shopping for their first home all at the same time.

These events are large financial expenses, so it may leave couples feeling like they shouldn’t treat themselves to extras, like the big honeymoon trip they’ve been dreaming about. However, there are many ways to have your wedding cake and eat it too when it comes to taking a honeymoon trip and smartly saving for your home. Check out some of our saving tips to stay stress free:

1. Have a Honeymoon Registry

Since many couples are cohabitating before marriage, a traditional wedding registry of kitchen items, linens, and home decor may not make a ton of sense for you and your partner. If a honeymoon is important to both of you, consider having a honeymoon fund registry. Modern registry sites like Zola offer a honeymoon fund as an option for couples with a serious case of wanderlust. Zola only charges a small credit card processing fee to the gift-giver, so you and your partner don’t incur extra fees. Honeymoon funds allow your guests to contribute to experiences on your trip, airfare, accommodations, and more.

2. Save Credit Card Points for Airfare Miles

If you’re swiping your credit card throughout your wedding planning journey, save up your points for airfare and accommodation expenses. This can be a great way to upgrade to better flights and hotels simply by planning your wedding purchases. Have a points card but not sure how to use it for travel? There are some bloggers like The Points Guy and Mommy Points that have beginner guides to help you understand how to maximize your points cards for travel.

3. Travel Off Season

When researching an area to travel to, consider visiting during their off season. Many hotels and experiences offer off-season discounts to encourage travelers to visit. You may be able to experience more for your budget while also avoiding lines and big crowds.

4. Snag Travel Deals Online

Did you know that daily deals sites like the popular Groupon and LivingSocial offer amazing getaway packages? Some of them even offer airfare! These deals offer national and international locations so don’t be afraid to check them out, dream, and snag a good deal.

5. Don’t Fly For Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons usually evoke images of your toes in the sand while drinking something sweet from a coconut. That image definitely sounds relaxing, but your honeymoon doesn’t have to be at an exotic location. Consider saving some money on travel and taking a roadtrip to a closer spot that you and your honey haven’t experienced yet. For some of the most popular road trips in the US, the scenery during the drive is really the best part of the experience.

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