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Monte dishes on Moms: 4 factors to consider when choosing a Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

Hello Ladies!!
I get asked ALL THE TIME about Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dresses. Questions range from, “What type of dress is appropriate for the mother?” “Should I match the wedding party?” “Is beading on the dress too much?…I don’t want to outshine the bride!”  Well, I am here to answer all of your questions and put your concerns to rest. Let’s jump right into it:
The most important thing to consider when choosing a mother of the bride/ groom dress is STYLE. I always tell moms to go by the 3 F’s when choosing the right style:
  1. Fit- Try on a variety of styles to decide what looks best for you. It’s essential for you to have that WOW factor. Some of the most popular style designs include a mermaid, column, and A-line. Below are sample pics that differentiate the three.
  2. Fabric- This will vary depending on the time of year as well as your comfort level. Not everyone is uniform in which fabrics feel best and of course, fabrics should go in accordance with the time of year. Some fabrics to consider are organza (thin, plain woven, sheer fabric typically made from silk) satin, velvet, or taffeta. These fabrics vary in texture and quality.
  3. Fashion- This is where you check out trends and design ideas for your dress. Look at “what’s in” and decide how you can incorporate this into your look. For instance, a few years ago, lace was very popular with MOB/MOG dresses, so styles reflected that. They were very clean cut with no beading. Nowadays, beading is popular. It doesn’t mean your whole dress needs to have beading, but you can choose something that very lightly includes a hint of crystals, sequence, and/or stones. Describe how you want to look and allow your consultant to help you execute that idea.


I say this a million times to reassure moms: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH THE WEDDING PARTY! This is a major concern when moms are looking for the right gown. You are meant to stand out. With the exception of the wedding photos, moms are not grouped into the wedding party.  They walk down the aisle separately and they sit during the ceremony. You should be elegant and different. Make note of the seasons when choosing color. Fall typically includes warm colors (oranges, chocolate, shades of burgundy,) winter is for the cool colors (think shades of deep blue,) and spring/summer is good for sheers and pastels (like mint.)


Accessories can make or break ANY look. MOB/MOG have a full range of accessory options to choose from. A nice ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace can add just the right touch of class to your ensemble, but be careful not to overdo it. All of your jewelry pieces should work together. If your dress is heavily beaded, a nice pair of earrings may be all you need. If your dress is simple, you may want to go with more accessories to liven it up a bit. These are all factors to consider. And just a quick tip ladies: Gold is definitely in. It is very trendy today. 

Also, clutches and handbags should only be big enough to fit your cellphone, matte powder, and lipstick. You don’t need your whole life with you, it’s not a suitcase! This is also a great time to bring out the vintage. A beautiful vintage clutch can really tie in the whole look.


No dress ever looks good without the right support. Bras, control tops, spanx, minimizers….you name it, it’s out there! The correct undergarments are imperative. This is something your consultant can help you with. Once you choose the best style for you, then they can go through a variety of undergarments that will give you the right support.


I hope this helps ladies! Lori and I try to answer as many questions as we can, so let us hear from you. Email your questions to and watch Lori answer them by video.

-Monte xo

P.S. Check out the gallery for a look at some of the dresses and merchandise we carry in the store!

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