Mother of The Bride

Top Tips for Shopping for Mothers Dresses

Both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom want to look their very best for their children’s special day. However, many moms feel nervous about shopping for their dresses because they want something appropriate without stepping on one another’s toes in the process. To make sure their shopping experience goes smoothly, Bridals by Lori offers these tips for shopping for mothers dresses.

Getting Started

Mothers should start looking for their dresses approximately six months before the wedding. Lucky moms purchase a great gown off the rack to take with them, while others may be fortunate to choose a style, size and color that is in a designer’s “Ready Ship” program and receive that gown within two weeks. For others, the gown usually takes about four months to arrive.

Also, the mothers of the bride and groom should sit down with the bride and discuss the bride’s color palette for her wedding. This will help the mothers choose what color they want to wear for the event. The mother of the bride needs to decide on her color first and as soon as possible so the mother of the groom can start shopping. If both mothers are in the same color, it’s OK; however, many mothers would prefer not to be in the same color gown nor a similar style.

Be Bold

When you start shopping, go for something that marks the occasion. When shopping, mothers should keep in mind that this wedding is a special occasion event, and they should not look like a guest. Don’t be afraid to look for sparkle or color. You should stand out.

This is true for both mothers. The mother of the groom doesn’t have to wear beige and be quiet. Wearing black does not mean she is in mourning. When in doubt about color, ask the bride for her opinion.

Many mothers also want something that makes them look youthful, but they should take care to avoid choosing something that is too youthful. Therefore, shopping in a bridal store’s bridesmaids department is not recommended because those dresses are a junior cut, which means the mother will incur additional alteration costs. In addition, the dress may be uncomfortable to wear for the reception, or it may not look as if it fits correctly.

Also, when considering dress styles, take a chance and think outside the box. Try on everything so you know what silhouettes look good on your body.

When it comes their children’s wedding day, the mothers of the bride and groom want to look their very best. By following these tips, they are sure to find dresses that are perfectly suited for the occasion.