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Take Five!

5 Things…Monte never leaves home without!


With a busy schedule that keeps him on the road, Monte has traveling right down to a science. Traveling extensively can take a toll on your mental and physical health, but Monte knows how to handle whatever comes his way. Here, he shares the five items that he cannot leave behind when heading out for a new adventure.

1. Traveling is always made easier when loved ones are near. However, because they can’t always travel with me, I bring mom and dad’s photo along for the trip.

2. Everyone needs guidance, comfort and encouragement, both at home and on the road, so I always bring my prayer book.

3. You know I always want to look my best, and that’s why I always carry black shoe polish with me. You never know when you need to buff out the scuffs!

4. Traveling can rob me of much-needed rest and recuperation, but I don’t have to look bedraggled. To fight the effects of no sleep, the dry air on planes and the ever-changing climate of going from one locale to another, I make sure I have my favorite mud mask  to heal and restore my skin.

5. Of course, staying on the road frequently can play havoc with my internal clock as well as my memory, so my Daytime planner is essential to keeping me on track and in the right place.

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