HitchSwitch vs. The Name Change Conundrum

Posted by Melody Johnson on 17th Nov 2017

One of the common headaches for a bride after getting married is changing her name. I can name on 10 fingers brides that I know that have been married for 6 months to a year and still have yet to change their name because it can be a hassle. Not everyone has extra time to spare to bounce from one government office to the next. As much as it is a first world problem, we are living in a time where everything can be yours with a click of a button. If only there was a way to get everything you need to finally take the last name of your beloved. Enter: HitchSwitch! HitchSwitch is an online service that gathers information and all of the necessary paperwork and sends it to your home for you to complete.

In the mail, you receive a personalized package filled out by the HitchSwitch team with all of the basic and redundant information that you may not want to fill out over and over again (i.e Name, Date of Birth, Your new married name). Each set of documents will come with a set of easy to follow instructions and the appropriate envelope and pre-stamped for your convenience. Co-founders Josh Gelb and Jake Wolff designed three different packages to choose from based on need and price point. The least expensive is the Print at Home Package that pays for the team to put together everything you need but you do the rest. This package is good for someone who understands the process but just wanted someone to do the dirty work for them to save time! The Full Service receives all of the paperwork and instructions in the mail and in a few minutes, you are ready to send your info out one by one! The Platinum package is the full service package that includes ready-to-ship passport photo and a personal concierge that can help you each step of the way. So, if you are like me and have no time to fuss with paperwork and you will need some guidance, The Full Service Package is the most beneficial.

After getting married, I decided that HitchSwitch would be an easy to use and fun way to kickstart my married life. HitchSwitch is also partnered with the Knot, the most popular online wedding planner to date. I felt comfortable knowing that one of the most trusted companies in the bridal industry gave HitchSwitch their stamp of approval. I received my package in the mail that said “Out with the Lopez and In with the Johnson (my married name).” As promised, the team had filled all of the redundant information and had step by step instructions for me to carry out my name change. The very next morning, I was off to the Social Security office for my new card. It is necessary to carry out this step first before doing anything else, as you will need the card for every document afterwards. After that, I was sending out my paperwork to their respective offices. It has been such a far less stressful process than I had been lead on to believe.

One could say that anyone could do this all by themselves, and although 100% true, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help right? Brides all over are using HitchSwitch in order to quickly get on with their lives with their sweethearts. There is some legwork needed by the customer such as presenting paperwork to the Social Security office. The paperwork could be mailed out but, with identity theft and scams that plague our everyday, HitchSwitch strongly suggests that you go to the office in person for safety purposes. HitchSwitch is a service meant to provide convenience. There will be some things that will need to be carried out by the customer to protect confidential information. So, whether you are getting married for the first time or waited to change your name to avoid the tediousness of procedure, visit to see if this service is for you!