You Said “I Do” to Winter Holidays

Posted by Brittany Fisher on 15th Dec 2017

You Said “I Do” to Winter Holidays: Here’s How To Make Them Memorable

It’s your first winter holiday season together as newlyweds. It will be a time of surprises and compromises as you discover and take a part in one another’s holiday traditions. Here are some pointers for making the season as merry as possible for both of you.

Managing the in-laws

Conflicts over in-laws escalate for a lot of couples during the holidays. Don’t let that be you. If you both have grown children, get ahead of family conflicts by inviting everyone to YOUR house.

If you are both quite young, you will likely have to juggle time spent with the bride’s family against time spent with the groom’s. Sit down together and work out a time-sharing plan that is fair to both families and still leaves you some time for winter romance.

Wish lists

It’s a sad fact that many newlyweds are broke, so your holiday wish list needs to be compiled with care. If it’s really important to have a richly-decorated house over the winter holidays, consider asking for decorations.

Otherwise, you may well need cooking implements, bedding, and even furniture. Make sure your friends and family somehow get hold of your wishlist. You don’t want someone buying you a singing fish when you don’t yet have a coffee maker.

Preparing your house for guests

There’s no better time to show off your newfound happiness than the winter holidays. So, of course, you will want to have friends and family over. In time, preparations for guests will become routine. But for the recently married, it’s a good time to develop a guest comfort checklist.

Scrutinize the guest room. Minimally, your guests will need fresh sheets, multiple pillows, and towels. They also need a dresser or set of drawers to unpack their stuff. It’s really considerate to supply some comfort items: bed slippers, a robe, bottled water, a small trashcan, and a charging station for appliances like iPads, laptops, and smartphones.

It might sound too obvious, but make sure your guest room doesn’t feature distracting or bad-smelling items, like a loud, caged bird or cat’s litter box.

Look at the bathroom from a guest’s point of view. Bottled hand soap is preferable to bar soap because it’s less messy. Hand towels should be clean and within reach. If you’re expecting guests who are obsessive about germs, provide paper towels in the bathroom.

Decorating for the holiday season

If both of you brought holiday decor items to the marriage, you will have no trouble decorating. Be respectful of each other’s tastes and wishes. If your bride absolutely hates the inflatable Santa, ditch it. Similarly, if your husband is emotionally attached to the star he made for the tree back in third grade, be sure to display it with pride. Put your beloved first, and you’ll have a wonderful time decorating.

If you two find yourselves with no holiday decorations, consider buying two or three well-made and beautiful decor items that will endure with your marriage rather than a bunch of inexpensive items from the dollar store. A string of white lights, a beautiful wreath, and some candles will signal that it’s an important time of year.

A tree is optional for a newly-married couple. If you must have one, make it the focal point of your decor. Crafting decorations by hand gives you something fun to do together and saves money. Ten years from now, those handmade ornaments might be much more meaningful than anything you might have purchased.

So there you have it! Your life as a newlywed can be charmed if you just plan ahead and sympathize with each other’s holiday needs.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.