What Makes A Great Wedding: 9 Things to Spend Your Money on That Your Guests Will Actually Remember

Posted by Donna Maurer on 22nd Mar 2020

spend the most money and time on that your guests will actually remember. These are the details you want to be sure are absolutely perfect!

Your Dress

This is your day, and you want to be the center of attention. Choosing the right dress is one of the crucial details that you may want to spend a little extra money and time on. Do you want your guests talking about your amazing dress for years to come, or do you want them to forget what you were wearing by the next day? It’s our job at Bridals By Lori to ensure your dress is a hit with your guests - and that it encompasses who you are. You should feel comfortable and beautiful, while still turning heads all night!

The Ceremony

Weddings are supposed to be sentimental. The people who love you are looking forward to a “teary-eyed” ceremony that captures their hearts. The service doesn’t have to be long, but it should be creative and personal. Write your own vows to make them memorable and genuine or use traditional ones that have deep meaning to the two of you. Consider incorporating a special song that will remind your guests of your special day every time they hear it play.

The Venue

As your guests arrive at your ceremony and reception, they’ll be taking in every detail of your venue. Choosing a gorgeous location will get them in the right mood for a celebration and give them something memorable to talk about later. A boring location isn’t going to be very inspiring, and it’s not going to offer any ambiance, but they’re sure to remember it nonetheless.

The Toasts

People love to hear sentimental toasts just as much as they like romantic wedding vows. Your guests will remember a funny and touching toast or speech given by a close friend or a family member. Unfortunately, they’ll also remember if the speeches go on and on forever. You may not have control over what your friends and family say, but you do have a say in who speaks on your day. Make sure your designated speakers are well prepared and able to handle the responsibility.

The Entertainment

We’ve all attending one of those weddings where the musicians or DJ were so bad that no one was dancing. You need a wedding band or DJ that can keep your guests entertained and get them involved. Experienced wedding band professional Adam Michaels, of Around Town Entertainment, ensures all of his brides that “The right wedding band or DJ can ignite your event and get your guests in the mood to party. Your music is a crucial decision and can make all of the difference on your wedding day!”

An experienced wedding entertainer will be able to read your guests and choose the music to match the mood. You want light music during dinner, but when the dance floor opens up, your guests will want something lively and upbeat. They’ll also act as a master of ceremonies and keep things moving. You definitely want your guests talking about how much fun they had, not telling everyone they snuck out the door as soon as the cake was cut.

The Menu

The food and menu at your reception can make or break the whole event. Don’t serve your guests boring, bland, tasteless “wedding food.” Get a little creative with the menu and ensure that every dish tastes terrific. Make sure your caterer knows that a beautiful presentation is essential to you. In fact, a caterer’s plating style should play into your choice when selecting which vendor to book. You want your guests to be talking about how amazing the food was the next day, not rushing out of your reception in search of a better bite to eat.

The Alcohol

Offering your guests an open bar provides plenty of encouragement for dancing and merrymaking. If you choose not to provide an open bar, some guests may be bummed about a cash bar, and they’re sure to remember it as a big downer for days to come. Anytime money is involved, people become a bit tense and edgy; not as likely to cut loose and really have a good time. If springing for a full bar is out of your budget, consider offering just beer and wine instead. Most people drink one or the other, and they’ll still have a great time without any money changing hands. If a cash bar is your only option, spread the word before your reception, as guests may arrive empty handed.

The Seating Arrangements

Think about the last wedding you went to. Do you remember who you sat next to? Chances are good that you do remember if you got along well with your table mates! People will definitely recall where they were seated and who they were seated with, so take your time with your seating chart. Be careful not to put people who don’t get along at the same table. Instead, try to group them together by interest, so they have something in common to talk about. And be careful not to seat family members too far away from your table, or they might end up with hurt feelings.

Their Comfort

Even though your wedding is your special day, you have to think about your guests, too. If you want them to remember your wedding in a positive way, you’ve got to put their comfort at the top of your priority list. No matter how carefully you plan out every detail, if your guests are miserable, all of your hard work will be for nothing. Although they will notice the look of your wedding, the way the day makes them feel will make the most lasting impression.

There’s no question an outdoor wedding can be stunning, but if your guests are baking in the sun while they eat dinner, they’re not going to have a good time. Pay attention not to crowd your guests into a venue that’s too small or exposed to the elements. If they are uncomfortable during the ceremony or reception, they’re bound to go on and on about that, rather than about the few things they liked.

By now you’ve probably noticed that things like how you wore your hair, favors, and centerpieces aren’t on this list. Although those details shouldn’t be overlooked, if you provide incredible food and music that keeps them happy, full, and dancing in a beautiful and comfortable venue, both you and your guests will come away with lots of treasured memories.